Month: July 2017

Helping your clients ensuring App Store Optimisation

It is likely that you find and download your mobile apps based on a search in an app store. The stores operate as global distribution channels with access to more than a hundred territories on the App Store and just about every country through Google Play. In addition, there are hundreds of app stores in …

3 Facts You Need to Know About Video Game Localization and Translation

Video game localization involves preparing video game software and hardware for sale in a new country or region. While translating the text is a major part of localization, the process also includes any changes made to the game, such as creating new manuals and packaging, including altering art assets, transforming hardware, recording new audio, and …

Localization and Pokemon Go: the secret to marketing success

This time last year, you could hardly go anywhere without hearing about Pokemon Go. Since its breakout in 2016, the game has had more than 550 million installs, and made a whopping $470 million in revenue – and that was just in its first 80 days of launching. So, what’s the secret to this mega-game’s …

Elon Musks’ favorite video games and the importance of localization and translation

The Global Market Games Report states that there are 2.2 billion gamers around the globe and with that figure comes an expected $108.9 billion gaming revenue for 2017. That’s up by 7.8% from 2016 and gaming revenue is reported to account for 87% of the global market. What’s more, the report states that mobile gaming …

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