Month: August 2017

iOS games and apps in July – what’s the world downloading in 2017?

The iPhone is a decade old now, and iOS remains a fertile ground for a wide range of amazing games and apps across every possible genre. Apple’s mobile products, with their responsive touch screens and strong graphics, make for solid app and gaming devices. So, what’s at the top of the list in July 2017? …

With software companies spending upward of $3 million, how can they both justify and measure their spend on translation services?

As software companies forge ahead in terms of translation and localization requirements, being able to measure translation performance is taking a central role for management. Without metrics, it proves impossible to evaluate and fund the language service function in line with the criteria used for other corporate functions. The CSA has provided a number of …

The Brazilian Gamer: 13th In the Global Gaming Market

It was reported, in 2015, that the Brazilian games market was expected to generate revenues in the area of $1.5 billion, which was an increase of 14% over the previous year. Back then, Brazil was the world’s eleventh-largest games market, making it the largest games market in Latin America. Back then, of the 33.6 million …

How Proxy Servers Make Website Globalisation Effortless

Websites are often the best chance we have to interact with a brand or business. But, if the site’’s not available in someone’’s native language, it’’s not going to leave a good impression. Below, we look at how using a proxy server can make website globalisation that much easier. The Challenge of Web Globalisation Your …

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