Month: November 2017

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in Software Localisation

So, you’re ready to release a brand-new app – you’ve made sure the new design is on point and there is not a single bug in the code – but how does the app work in other languages?

iOS 11 – Are You Making Use of the Translation Features?

If you’ve not updated to iOS 11 yet, you will do after reading this! The latest Apple update brings brand-new functionality to the world’s favourite virtual assistant, Siri, in the form of translation features that let Siri translate English phrases and words into a couple of other languages.

Windows Mixed Reality Headset Set to Rival Oculus Rift

It felt like just yesterday that virtual reality headsets were something to be awe-inspired by. This year, though, the virtual reality market has exploded, and choosing the perfect headset, especially with the gift-giving season coming up, can be a daunting task. The Oculus Rift has certainly come a long way this year, but there is …

Why Will Samsung Earn $4bn More as a Result of Apple’s Success?

The iPhone X release date is today. We all know how successful Apple products are, but it is reported the Samsung is hoping the model’s success will be as big as its predecessors. Why Is Samsung Hung Up on the iPhone X? This may sound contradictory. After all, aren’t Apple and Samsung rivals? Well, here …

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