Elon Musks’ favorite video games and the importance of localization and translation

The Global Market Games Report states that there are 2.2 billion gamers around the globe and with that figure comes an expected $108.9 billion gaming revenue for 2017. That’s up by 7.8% from 2016 and gaming revenue is reported to account for 87% of the global market. What’s more, the report states that mobile gaming …

Localization mistakes to avoid when launching a game on the global market [Infographic]

Video game developers don’t always give localization the attention it deserves, but it something that can cost you greatly. Today, gaming is arguably the most globalized industries, with tons of passionate fans who truly care about their favorite titles. What that means for you is that just doing localization isn’t enough – you need to …

Esport – fastest developing sector in gaming industry set to reach almost $2 billion by the end of next year

Esports is growing at an incredible rate as a new independent industry. It provides the perfect opportunity to capitalize on Millennials and digital native’s favorite activities: watching game content and actually playing the games.  The industry that covers competitive video gaming as a spectator sport is set to reach almost $2 billion by the end …

Gaming and the Chinese language – China has stake in quarter of the digital games market

China has the largest digital revenue share of any country, boasting 97% share. The global average is just 84%. This dominant share is driven by dominance of the PC market along with high digitalization. Now, compare that percentage to Japan which has just 28% of the total games market which hails from console and PC …

It’s summer – everyone’s travelling with apps in 2017!

Who needs a travel agent when they have a mobile device? It’s 2017 and planning a vacation is getting easier thanks to the myriad of travel apps on the market that help travelers plan pretty much everything from their flight and hotel booking to walking tours, check out restaurant reviews on social networks, book a …

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