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The Right Languages For Your Game Localisation

As your game experiences some momentum, you may feel it’s time to begin localising it for other markets. Localising your game into the key languages that will be most profitable takes some consideration. Here’s how you can choose the right language to localise your game for international players.

How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes Made In Game Localisation?

The time has come to take your game global, and you need a localisation service stat. Before you pull the trigger with any game localisation service, you need to pull in the reigns. To avoid your game experience becoming lost in localisation you need to consider these common mistakes that game developers make.

Global games market to fetch $108.9 Billion! This year mobile will comprise 42%

If you haven’t yet seen the report for the global games market get ready for some big figures. Below, we outline Newzoo’s sensational findings. 2017 Is Set to Be a Big Year for the Global Games Market According to statistics, 2.2 billion gamers across the globe will generate more than $108 billion in gaming revenue …

iOS games and apps in July – what’s the world downloading in 2017?

The iPhone is a decade old now, and iOS remains a fertile ground for a wide range of amazing games and apps across every possible genre. Apple’s mobile products, with their responsive touch screens and strong graphics, make for solid app and gaming devices. So, what’s at the top of the list in July 2017? …

The Brazilian Gamer: 13th In the Global Gaming Market

It was reported, in 2015, that the Brazilian games market was expected to generate revenues in the area of $1.5 billion, which was an increase of 14% over the previous year. Back then, Brazil was the world’s eleventh-largest games market, making it the largest games market in Latin America. Back then, of the 33.6 million …

Localization and Pokemon Go: the secret to marketing success

This time last year, you could hardly go anywhere without hearing about Pokemon Go. Since its breakout in 2016, the game has had more than 550 million installs, and made a whopping $470 million in revenue – and that was just in its first 80 days of launching. So, what’s the secret to this mega-game’s …

Localization mistakes to avoid when launching a game on the global market [Infographic]

Video game developers don’t always give localization the attention it deserves, but it something that can cost you greatly. Today, gaming is arguably the most globalized industries, with tons of passionate fans who truly care about their favorite titles. What that means for you is that just doing localization isn’t enough – you need to …

Esport – fastest developing sector in gaming industry set to reach almost $2 billion by the end of next year

Esports is growing at an incredible rate as a new independent industry. It provides the perfect opportunity to capitalize on Millennials and digital native’s favorite activities: watching game content and actually playing the games.  The industry that covers competitive video gaming as a spectator sport is set to reach almost $2 billion by the end …

Gaming and the Chinese language – China has stake in quarter of the digital games market

China has the largest digital revenue share of any country, boasting 97% share. The global average is just 84%. This dominant share is driven by dominance of the PC market along with high digitalization. Now, compare that percentage to Japan which has just 28% of the total games market which hails from console and PC …

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