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Choosing Human vs. Machine Website Translation

Your business is expanding and growing its operations daily. With the capabilities of the internet on your side, you have the ability to go global and reach customers on an international basis.

How to Create a Killer International SEO Strategy

If your business has been soaring, you may already have decided to cast your net on a global scale. You may have defined your business strategy and have an idea of which countries you would like to target and who your competitors are in the new markets.

iOS 11 – Are You Making Use of the Translation Features?

If you’ve not updated to iOS 11 yet, you will do after reading this! The latest Apple update brings brand-new functionality to the world’s favourite virtual assistant, Siri, in the form of translation features that let Siri translate English phrases and words into a couple of other languages.

How Proxy Servers Make Website Globalisation Effortless

Websites are often the best chance we have to interact with a brand or business. But, if the site’’s not available in someone’’s native language, it’’s not going to leave a good impression. Below, we look at how using a proxy server can make website globalisation that much easier. The Challenge of Web Globalisation Your …

Helping your clients ensuring App Store Optimisation

It is likely that you find and download your mobile apps based on a search in an app store. The stores operate as global distribution channels with access to more than a hundred territories on the App Store and just about every country through Google Play. In addition, there are hundreds of app stores in …

3 Facts You Need to Know About Video Game Localization and Translation

Video game localization involves preparing video game software and hardware for sale in a new country or region. While translating the text is a major part of localization, the process also includes any changes made to the game, such as creating new manuals and packaging, including altering art assets, transforming hardware, recording new audio, and …

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