It is likely that you find and download your mobile apps based on a search in an app store. The stores operate as global distribution channels with access to more than a hundred territories on the App Store and just about every country through Google Play. In addition, there are hundreds of app stores in countries such as India and China, which add up to a lot of extra opportunities. Below, we look at how you can help your clients improve their app store optimisation (ASO), as described in a report by the CSA.

  1. App Names

Clients don’t have to translate their app’s name, but if they want more people to discover the app, then it’s worth adding a descriptive phrase which has localised keywords. Google Play allows for 30 characters in the title, whilst the App Store allows as many as 255 characters. Given the space limitation, use approximately 12 to 23 characters so that nothing gets lost during display on a device.

  1. Localised Screenshots

Let your clients know it’s a good idea to budget for localised screenshots, which can be uploaded to the app stores. Remember that proper names, locations, maps, backgrounds, and faces must be relevant and acceptable for international use. Screenshots can be made more powerful with captions that include relevant keywords.

  1. App Descriptions

Think of the description as the ultimate sales pitch: it must fit into a space which allows 4,000 characters. Use those characters to incorporate keywords which are localised and optimised for each market.

  1. App Reviews

Google Play’s unique algorithm ranks user reviews by quality and quantity. Your customers can take advantage of this opportunity to insert even more keywords and respond to reviewers.

  1. Metadata

It’s important to get specific details from your customers about the app during the uploading process. The Apple Store, for example, makes its apps available by default in all the territories it supports. So, if some of your clients only want to sell in specific countries, then they will need to be specific. If not, the app will appear in all 150+ outlets of the Apple Store.

  1. Keywords

It’s also critical to keep up with the changes in search algorithms. You can use ASO analytics tools, which offer international research, as well as competitors’ keywords.

(infographic: Apple algorithms p.3)

  1. Promotional Tools and Options

Apple offers a handy “app previews” video option, in which the user can preview the app for about 15 to 30 seconds. The customer gets to see it as the first image on the product page. Google Play allows clients to upload as many localised videos as they wish, and it has implemented a tool called “Experiments”, which allows you to do important A/B testing on metadata such as titles and icons.

Most users of mobile devices tend to use around three to five apps. This means there’s heavy competition for space on their phones. Use these seven tips to help your clients improve their ASO so they can achieve more downloads and gain more customers.