The time has come to take your game global, and you need a localisation service stat. Before you pull the trigger with any game localisation service, you need to pull in the reigns. To avoid your game experience becoming lost in localisation you need to consider these common mistakes that game developers make.

Game localisation cost over quality

Every game developer is under tight budget constraints that make it appealing to choose a low-cost game localisation service without doing a little research first. The adage, you get what you pay for applies here as there is something to be said for game localisation services that cost a bit more. The quality you will receive with a localisation company that has accurately priced its service means a better user experience as the localisation is more accurate and friendly for global gamers.

Game localisation that operates under a time crunch

Yes, you want to launch your game worldwide without delay, but you need to consider the reduction in quality that you will endure if you hurry to market with a game localisation that is a rush job. Localising your game takes time when done right, and you should be wary of a localisation service that says they can meet a tight deadline as errors are sure to appear.

Game localisation with missing information

Often times, the linguist is at the mercy of what a game developer intended and what they see in the code. They are left to make judgment calls when they not properly informed and given the information they need to have the localisation that makes sense. You need to have a close relationship with your linguist and communicate with them on a regular basis about anomalies that are creating questions for them.

Game localisation with too many people on one project

When a game localisation service offers you a quick turnaround at a low price, this often means that several hands will be working on separate parts of your game in a singular way. This can create disruptions in the game for users as each linguist has their own style that is not cohesively matched within the game. Choose one linguist for an entire project to maximize the localisation harmony throughout your game platform.

Game localisation that forgets to test the final product

When the localisation of your game is complete, you may be quick to roll it out to masses without taking a moment to test the final product. Even if you trust in your localisation service, you need to allow them time to perform a run through of the game operation to look for inconsistencies and errors. This will make the user interface more seamless and give your customers a full gaming experience without confusion.

Taking the time to avoid these common mistakes that game developers make when having the localisation of their game performed, can save you a world of headaches with your game launch and operation. You’ll provide a more integrated approach for your gamers that is more enjoyable and understandable with a localisation company that offers you more than a cheap and quick localisation of your game.